Capture Map from Google Maps Using ArcMap

26 05 2010

Capture Map from Google Maps Using ArcMap

This free ArcGIS Extension, can capture map from Google Maps in raster file in the world coordinate Mercator projection. You can add the Google Maps raster file to your ArcMap project. With GEO you can use maps of Earth, Moon, Mars. GEO extension distributed open source under the GNU license.

How to use :

  • To open the dockable window you must click “Window/ VB6″
  • In the top of the dockable window there is button of opening of the Map Tools windows and the field of URL.
    You can open any quantity of the Map Tools windows, and they has analogous possibility to change default URL.
  • The default URL is You can change default URL. Type your Internet address in URL filed and press “Enter” (like as in the Internet explorer)
  • To open the toolbars in ArcMap you must click “View/Toolbars/ VB6″

How to install :

  • Download ZIP archive from ESRI arcscripts server
  • Create folder and place the ZIP archive there, then unpack it
  • Run   _install.bat

How to use : please follow this instuction




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